Cemetery Ridge Films

My main current project:

I'm working on cleaning and documenting what I had been calling the Cemetery Ridge Graveyard (before research confirmed what this graveyard was) in Charlottesville, Virginia. I have confirmed this cemetery to be the former Maury Family Cemetery, and research states that the graves were moved to Grace Episcopal Church Cemetery in Cismont, VA (possibly moved in 1988; dedication at Grace was Saturday, June 16, 1990). At this point, I have no idea if just the headstones were moved, or if the entire graves were relocated. I suspect that it was just the headstones, but further research is needed. Grace Episcopal Cemetery is approximately 16 miles away from the Cemetery Ridge Graveyard on current roads (2021), so moving somewhere in the area of 20 graves might not have been the easiest thing to do (and I would assume there might be some evidence of this in the graveyard).

More information, including photos and videos located here.

Other/ongoing projects:

Find A Grave - I add photographs and create new memorials for every cemetery I film. I love to visit cemeteries and film/document them whenever I can. I love a big, sprawling graveyard, but I'm just as interested, perhaps even more so, in the "forgotten" ones: the ones that are deep in the woods or untended to for many years.

Oakwood Cemetery in Charlottesville, VA had only a 66% photograph to memorial rate on Find A Grave. I'd hoped to bring that up to 90%+, but after filming every headstone (completed January 8, 2022) , it's obvious that there are a ton of unmarked graves. I have sorted through every headstone I found and added photos to all of those with no prior photo as well as upgraded many with old photos. There are a handful that are illegible, but for the most part, the cemetery is complete.

As time permits, I'm researching cemeteries in Albemarle County, Charlottesville, Nelson County, Orange County, and Greene County, VA, trying to find locations for a bunch that are historically known, but not currently documented.

Maplewood Cemetery in Charlottesville, VA was not completely documented on Find A Grave. I've filmed every headstone/memorial in the cemetery and have spent quite a bit of time trying to decipher the worn and difficult-to-read ones across multiple visits. I've created memorials for those that weren't present and added photos for the memorials that existed.

I enjoy being out in nature (the humid Virginia summers not as much), so I love going for a hike and sharing the views. I love stumbling across ruins or evidence or past residence along the trails. My favorite local (to me) park and trails are in Walnut Creek Park... The former homestead evidence scattered across the park make me wonder if there are some forgotten cemeteries in the park's grounds.

Historical places too: museums, exhibits, etc.

And of course vineyards and breweries; Virginia has some great ones!

Upcoming projects:

Continue to locate, clean, and document "forgotten" cemeteries, and always looking for an interesting story or puzzle to try to piece together and document.